Trash Fashion – Trush-Deactivation

06 May 2022

Today it was very colorful in our school! We had a fashion show 🥰 and not an ordinary one. It was a show of Trash Fashion – Trush-Deactivation.
It is a fashion competition for our students, which consisted in making the most interesting and unique outfit possible from rubbish.
A dress made of bubble wrap, trousers made of plastic bottles … The outfits were really amazing!
It all depended on your creativity 🙂
The costumes were judged by a jury composed of Miss Ada and Lidka, who selected the winners in the following categories:
– creativity,
– usability of clothes,
-the largest amount of used recycling materials.
In the creativity category, awards were won by two participants: Zuzia Szymańska (1b) and Noah Ruiz-Markiewicz (3a), in the next category of clothes utility, the award went to Olivia Smith (3a), and Katarzyna Kulpa-Podgóreczna (2a) received the award for the largest amount of recycled materials used.
Congratulations to all participants !!! ❤️

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