The Polish Commissioner for Children’s Rights visits Sokrates

05 September 2017

Marek Michalak – the Polish Children’s Rights Commissioner visited our schools today.

He explained that he is responsible for protecting and promoting children’s rights. He monitors the situation of children in our country and intervenes when their rights are not being respected. Everyone, children and adults, can contact the Commissioner and ask for his help.

Our students had many questions to Mr. Michalak. They were interested how children contact him and if they can call him at night. They also wanted to know what his typical day looks like. Children mostly use the Hotline for Children to contact me. They also write letters, emails or find me on

Facebook – explained the Commissioner. There is no „typical day“ at work for the Commissioner. Each day is different in his job.

The Commissioner undertakes abour 50 thousand interventions in Poland each year.

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