Best School and Best Teacher 2018

03 November 2018

We are pleased to inform you that our school has been nominated in plebiscite for the Best School and Best Teacher in year 2018. The poll is organised by editors of the following newspapers „Gazeta Pomorska”, „Express Bydgoski” and „Nowości Dziennik Toruński”.

Our representative in the competition for title of Best Teacher is Mariusz Fiałkowski-Kulka. To vote please visit the website:…/mariusz-fialkowski-kulka,290713/

or text GPG.41 at 72355 (Charge: 2,46zl with VAT)

If you would like to vote for out school please visit the website:…/miedzynarodowa-szkola-podstawowa-sok…/

or text GPS.4 at 72355 (Charge: 2,46zl with VAT) First stage of the plebiscite ends 5 December at 9.00 pm. For more information visit:

Thank you for all the votes.

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