Magic workshops in Gzinianka

13 December 2017

First grade students had the opportunity to set out on a trip outside of Bydgoszcz for the first time . On 13th December children set off on a journey to the agritourism farm Gzinianka. They had christmas decoration workshops using decoupage in this magical place. The students also had the opportunity to make Christmas gingerbreads themselves and prepare delicious dumplings with sweet cottage cheese, which they could eat later with a great joy.

Since the sun was shining, the children were taken away on a trip around the farm, where there were plenty of attractions. First graders watched roosters, hens and a proud turkey. Children fed the pony and the rams with hay for all times. However, the biggest attraction was a cheerful and friendly owners’ dog which was named Lady Gaga by the children. After a busy day, we were offered a delicious tomato soup and the best bun in the world with plum.

We will definitely come back here!

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