First of all – let’s talk!

30 April 2020

News from the world causes fear and anxiety in us, adults. However, we must remember that children also hear and process all this in their own way. That is why we are responsible for helping us understand the whole difficult situation. We need to ensure the comfort and sense of security of our children, calm their emotions and “fears”, just help to understand.
First of all – let’s talk!
Children experience a difficult period in different ways. Some are very afraid, others less or not at all. Some are worried about grandparents, others are happy that they don’t have to go to school.
Regardless of what emotions they experience – let’s give them the right to do so, let’s not judge. Let us encourage them to share their thoughts with us. The role of an adult is above all to enable the child to express feelings, talk them over. It’s enough to be with them, trying to understand and support.
Remember that it happens that children – especially the younger ones – have difficulty naming their emotions. Even if they don’t fully understand the situation, they may feel anxious. Information noise, change of rhythm of the day, anxiety of adults – it happens that all this affects their well-being and behavior. Let’s watch them closely, let’s be sensitive to subtle changes in their functioning – moods, sleep problems, changes in appetite. You can also ask your child how he or she feels and try to name the feelings that accompany him / her.

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