Boy’s Day

30 September 2020

We like to pamper our school friends. There was no end to the celebration today. ❤
-“Pineapples” from 1a got a nice surprise from classmates on their holiday. Aren’t they elegant in ties? : D
– 3c spent the Boy’s Day at the Water Tower 😊
– The boys in class 1b also received gifts! 🙂
– Class 5a, of course, started the Boy’s Day in sports today. Hydration is guaranteed with new water bottles !
– Grade 2b spent time in the cinema, eating delicacies. There was a photo booth with gadgets, and the girls painted portraits of their friends ❤
– Walking in high heels is not that easy, as the boys from grade 6b found out. They spent the Boy’s Day happily … the fun was great. 😁
– Wedel, Milka, Goplana, Wawel… Which chocolate smells best? Which is the tastiest? Does it dissolve in the mouth or already in the hand? It needs to be carefully examined … This is how class 3b celebrated! 😊🍫 🙂

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