Charity event

02 February 2024

Before Christmas, our school participated in a unique charity event. Students from grades 8a and 8b organized a Christmas Cake Fair to support the Animal Shelter in Bydgoszcz.

Thanks to the great commitment of our students, the fair turned out to be a great success. The youth actively participated in the preparations and showed great heart.

The collected funds, thanks to the efforts and generosity of the fair participants, were transferred to the Animal Shelter, thus providing support for many homeless animals waiting for their new homes.

We are extremely proud of our students from grades 8a and 8b for their dedication and willingness to help. This action proves that together we can achieve great things.

From the shelter employees
Many thanks to parents and students for the invaluable support we received thanks to your campaign at the Christmas Cake Fair. Your commitment, generosity and work you put into organizing this event are a source of great admiration for us.

Thanks to you, we can continue our mission of caring for homeless animals, providing them with the warmth, food and love they so desperately need. Your contribution is of great importance to us and to every animal in the shelter.

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