Junior High School

Extracurricular activities

History Club

Teacher: Dr. Łukasz Myszka

Drama and Creative Writing Club

This activity provides versatile development, stimulates imagination, discovers and supports theatrical, declamatory, vocal, poetical and creative writing skills. Here one can have an opportunity for expressing feelings and emotions, gathering experience of a stage and public, creating own song lyrics, plays or poems. Our students prepare stage production, try their skills in writing and adapting screenplays, participate in the meetings with
actors and…..visit the real theatre.

Teacher: M.Sc. Elżbieta Krenz

Fan club of Japan “Otomodachi”

This activity gives the opportunity for learning some basic vocabulary and useful phrases in Japanese. The main objective is to develop individual interest of the students and to gain overall knowledge about Japanese social
customs, tradition and culture. By getting familiar with the basis of the language and writing skills in the complex alphabet system our students are introduced to the different faces of the Land of the Rising Sun. They will study its past and the present. Our club will have the character of workshops, during which we will try to draw manga style comics, create origami or ikebana or prepare and taste traditional dishes from Japanese cuisine – necessarily by ohashi (chopsticks).

Teacher: M.Sc. Sylwia Jurek

Music Club

Teacher: M.Sc. Walerian Krentz

Maths Club

Teacher: M.Sc. Agnieszka Wachowiak

Science Club

Teacher: M.Sc. Katarzyna Hołyńska

Swimming Pool

Teacher: M.Sc. Angelika Kowalska

Self-defence classes and karate

Sensei Jarosław Remus

Sports Club (football, volleyball, basketball, handball)

Teachers: M.Sc. Paula Paczkowska, M.Sc. Dariusz Wiśniewski

Voluntary work

Robotics and Lego

Teacher: M.Sc. Łukasz Dworski

ICT Club

Teacher: M.Sc. Daniel Heba

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