Sokrates International Schools have been implementing the project “Health promoting schools”

Since 2015/2016 school year, Sokrates International Schools have been implementing the project “Health promoting schools”.

Our main aim is the creation of social and physical conditions supporting protection and increase of health and school’s community well-being. It is also forming motivation, knowledge and skills of healthy lifestyle and also taking action on personal and public health. Under those actions we organize, among others, “Beaming broadly with Sokratesa” action. The aim of that action is to promote prevention in practical dentistry, rising awareness about the urgent need to care about clean teeth among pupils, create a habit of teeth control, provide instructions for proper oral hygiene and demonstrate the influence of healthy diet on teeth’s condition. In the context of the “Beaming broadly with Sokratesa” action we have made an agreement with the dental clinic which will provide dental care for the pupils of Sokrates International Schools. This year we are additionally organizing the project called “Jem kolorowo, odżywiam się zdrowo” to show children how important eating of fruit and vegetables is.

Sokrates International Schools re the environment in which the school community – staff, pupils and their parents:

  • take cooperative action to benefit their health and well-being by changing their health behaviour and creating social and physical environment
  • learn how to live better and more healthy through health education and personal, social and professional development
  • encourage others, especially parents, to take similar actions on the basis of openness, dialogue, partnership and cooperation.

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