Tuesday with psychologist and basketball

27 April 2021

Our basketball players restarted training After such a long break, they started with a revision of passing the ball and throwing from the spot. Skill Boards are really handy
While observing the athletes, I thought to myself that I would write a few words about … Self-confidence! A positive self-esteem, actually. It is useful for us in everyday life, it gives us the willingness to take actions and challenges. Positive self-assessment is also needed by players who face the stressful situation of the match.
For all those who would like to work on this area, I have 5 tips!
– Take care of meeting your needs – get enough sleep, relax, take care of relationships with loved ones. Do what makes you feel good, safe, and fully energized.
– Turn off negative thinking – our head very often tells us that something will fail and does it … out of fear of failure, which can be difficult to bear! Ultimately, trying and drawing conclusions will give us a lot more strength, so look in the mirror, say to yourself, “I can do it!” and be a friend to yourself
– See your progress – changes happen gradually and slowly. By focusing on small differences, you give yourself a positive energy kick – it works!
– Appreciate your skills and what kind of person you are – we know that even in sports teams everyone has their position, because one defends better, another attacks … Everyone has different strengths, find them at home.
– Avoid overcomparing yourself with others – since we already know that we are different, we should also know that comparisons are useless! They make us forget about our good qualities. Not the way. Focus on your strengths. You have a lot of them We know it!
Miss Ola

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