Valentine’s Day and friendship

15 February 2021

Today we have some Valentine’s Day photos for you – from class 2a and 3b!
In class 3b, the children celebrated by decorating the cups with decoupage technique and combining Valentine’s Day fun with a carnival. A great day!
By the way … Let’s look at relationships and friendship! Because on Valentine’s Day, we give good energy to those we like. After all, they are very important to us!
For pre-school friendships, the following are important: playing the pretend game together, sharing and experiencing emotions, and communicating; friendship with children at this age requires understanding false beliefs and the differences between lying and mistake. During this period, an Imaginary Friend may appear – it appears when the child is lonely, he lacks a playmate, he needs support that he does not receive in reality. When something like this happens to your child – do not criticize, do not comment on “wild imagination”, but ask what he needs and be with him.
In school age, friendship is characterized as a relationship based on a commonality of interests, reciprocity, similar views and tastes; children focus on what friends should do for each other (loyalty becomes important later), and from around 11 years of age mental closeness, sharing thoughts and feelings, and support become important.
For adolescents, the peer group fulfills the function of satisfying the need for belonging, security, impressions, building self-esteem, provides patterns of behavior, information about preferred values, and is a source of external punishments and rewards. But adolescents also need to be alone! It is a time for self-analysis and self-activity: learning, thinking, introducing innovations, artistic creativity, deepening their religious faith, achieving inner peace and relaxing.

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