Travels with a claw

11 May 2023

Journeys with a Claw – married couple Iza and Piotr together with their dog Snupek – spent 4 years hitchhiking (mainly in South and Central America), crossing the ocean by yacht hitchhiking. With their adopted dog, they have visited 37 countries on 5 continents so far. They have traveled over 60,000 km (mostly hitchhiking) and sailed over 3,500 nautical miles (including the Atlantic) on yachts. They climbed mountains over 5,000 meters high. m.a.s.l. and practiced multi-day trekking, crossed the Amazon.

🌊🌩⛅️ Along the way, moving slowly and close to the life of local communities, they saw a lot. First of all, what is life outside Europe like and they found out how bad the natural environment is and that the climatic and ecological catastrophe is already underway.

Iza and Piotr with dog travelers visited our students, with whom they shared not only trivia from their travels, but also very important news about how we can help our planet.

Short video presenting a fragment of their journey

Thank you for your open hearts.

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