01 February 2018

In November International School Foundation SOKRATES announced a competition for six-year-olds from pre-schools in Bydgoszcz under the slogan “SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE”. We were waiting for sending us Christmas carols or songs in Polish or English, performed and recorded with a mobile phone in pre-school.

The laureate of the 1st prize in our competition was the group “Butterflies” from the pre-school “Sówka” at Kruszyńska street for the performance of the song “Śliczna gwiazdka”- Cute Star.

The award for the performance of the song “Jingle bells” in English was won by the group “Krasnale”.

On the 1st of February in the “Sówka” pre-school there was a ceremonial awarding of the main prize – a puppet theater with a set of puppets. All the children received diplomas and gifts – the CD “Socrates sings” and our calendars for 2018.

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