Pumpkin Harvest in Babaluda

22 September 2017

On the 22nd of September, second grade students took a trip to BabaLuda’s educational parlor in Parowa Falęcka, where they participated in “Pumpkin Harvest” activities.

Hosts have prepared a lot of attractions, including running with goats on their farm, feeding donkeys, rams, alpacas and pigs. Children also saw the cottage of the elf and BabaLuda. Sports activities rose a lot of excitement : the obstacle course, the pumpkin roll, the pumpkin bowling, the search for the biggest pumpkin in the pumpkin field.

In addition, children could see in practice whether it is easy to shred cabbage and beat it. They also tried delicious pumpkin cakes, fried on an old stove with metal lids. It was a challenge to milk goats, but each volunteer did a great job.

As a farewell, every child whispered their wish to BabaLuda’s ear. May each of them fulfil 100%!

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