International Day of Tolerance

16 November 2016

On the 16th of November we celebrated the International Day of Tolerance. This year the celebration of this special feast ran under the slogan “It’s good that we are all different. Let’s be tolerant.”

On this occasion, students participated in classes led by teachers and the school psychologist. It was an opportunity to talk about what tolerance actually is, what stereotypes are and where they come from and about how to break down social barriers. Students also prepared colourful hands on which they drew their interests and their favourite things. As it turns out, everyone is different, special and unique. Works of the students have been placed on the wall forming a colourful image. It is not the end of celebrating of the International Day of Tolerance yet. We also need to find out who the winner of the comic competition is.

We would like to thank the Polish Migration Forum for the provided materials (posters, leaflets), which we used during our celebration.

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