Let’s tell children what we feel

06 May 2020

“We already know that we should talk to our children. The pedagogist mentioned this in the post on Thursday.
Today I would like to draw attention to the fact that there is room for our emotions in these conversations.
Yes, let’s tell children what we feel.
Children derive the most from us. They learn by imitating. Our role is to shape the ability to talk about what and why they feel from an early age.
Many of us are afraid of this because they do not want to burden children with adult problems. However, this is not the point here.
Let us not be afraid to admit joy, fear, anger or ignorance. A child who hears such a message from a parent will know that he is not alone in his feelings and that talking about it is nothing wrong.
We often meet at work with children who live in the belief that you cannot feel anger or sadness, because the parents said so (often unconsciously). Let’s remember that choking emotions has huge consequences, and it can be easily prevented.
Let’s refrain, in the presence of children, from telling black scenarios. Let’s not repeat rumors or unverified information. At the beginning of the pandemic, the school was full of the voices of children who were shouting at each other, trying to expose the most controversial information about the coronavirus to their friends. They absorb the information they hear like small sponges. 🙂
Let’s also give a clear message on the occasion of talks that everyone can find it difficult. We emphasise that everything can be dealt with in some way and most importantly – even the difficulties do not change the fact that children remain important and are still loved. ”
Mrs. Ola

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