How can I talk to my children about this?

27 October 2020

The beginning of November is approaching. A time of reflection and memories of those who passed away. How can I talk to my children about this? How to explain to them the mourning, the sense of loss?
Fairy tales often come to our aid. And we want to recommend such a fairy tale with a very wise message.
“Secrets of the Sea” is an animated story immersed in the world of Irish beliefs. From the very first moments, our attention is drawn to a magical, fairy-tale image and unique music. This is a fairy tale that provides a solid foundation for discussing difficult topics with both younger and older children. It shows us, among others: grief towards siblings, single fatherhood, overcoming fears and coping with the loss of a mother, i.e. mourning. The fairy tale shows it in a warm, delicate and very understandable way. Worth seeing. 🙂

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