From preschool to primary

19 October 2017

October 19 will remain in the memory of freshmen of Socrates International Primary School and their parents. It was on this very day that the first major school celebration was held – the pledge of the first grader.

Children’s parents and grandparents, class teachers and the headmaster took part in the ceremony.

The ceremony commenced with greeting the guests and presenting a short artistic performance, during which the first graders presented their skills – thus proving how much they are already able to do. There were songs and staging with the participation of third-grade students. After the artistic part of the ceremony the headmaster, Mr. Krystian Orzechowski, solemnly swear in each child. To commemorate this important event, each pupil received a diploma, a book and an invitation to have fun at EduRobots finishing off with a sweet treat at Sowa cafe.

The main attraction of the event was a clown performance, who amused both children and parents.

From now on, children can proudly say – Mum, Dad – I am a first grader!

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