Football Freestyle at Sokrates

12 April 2017

On April 12, 2017. At our school there was a Football Freestyle show, which was performed by the representative of R-style group – Vice-Champion of Poland 2010 and finalist of the program “Mam Talent” – Bartłomiej Rak.

During the show, high freestyle skills were presented, which consisted of balancing the football in the air and performing many great and unpredictable tricks with it. At the same time our “guest” chose many volunteers from the students, who wanted to learn basic tricks quickly. At the end, you could face Mr. Bartek in one on one duel on the small court. The caretakers and organizers of the meeting were: Wiśniewski Dariusz, Jędrkiewicz Grzegorz and Kubacki Rafał.

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