Cognitive processes

23 March 2021

Let’s go back to the topic of the brain for a moment
Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to you in lessons about the cognitive processes that allow us to learn about the surrounding world and to record and process information about it in the mind. The cognitive processes include:
perception, image recognition, cognitive representations, memory and learning, cognitive attention and control, thinking, reasoning and problem solving, decision making, language and communication.
(Falkowski, Maruszewski, Nęcka [in:] Strelau, Doliński, 2008). You have your perception and attention at your fingertips!
Why am I talking about such topics? It is thanks to cognitive processes that we are able to acquire knowledge and skills and use them in everyday life.
When we subject our brain to training, cognitive effort, the so-called plastic changes happen in the brain. The brain does everything to meet new challenges, new connections are made. We see these changes, among others in faster and more efficient performance of tasks and duties.
That is why it is worth training memory, concentration and other cognitive functions at every stage of life. That we could live better and more efficiently!
So what? Who wants to play games in my office when we get back to school?
Mrs. Ola

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