Actors from Sokrates amused the audience to tears!

24 May 2017

(Knock on the door …)

– “IT’S OPEN!” !!! – this is the title of a comedy written by Mrs. Elzbieta Krenz.

There were young actors from Kameleon Theatre acting at SOKRATES International School, accompanied by seniors (and the Headmaster :)! ).

The premiere of the spectacle took place on 24.05.2017. We can definitely call this event A HUGE SUCCESS! Acting was phenomenal, it was confirmed by the reaction of the audience, which exploded with laughter and could not stop clapping.

The themes shown on the theatre boards were very close to the youth. Pola – an unhappy teenager, wasn’t invited to a party organized by her friend Lena. She decides to “pay back” and spoil the house party. There are so many funny scenes around the plot. At the end, however, it turns out that the preparation of the event is a “SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY” for Pola.

Great story of friendship, trust; full of humorous situations, is a great suggestion to watch by everyone. Directed by Malwina Turek – actress known for, among others, television series “Barwy Szczęścia” and “Na dobre i na złe”.

Patrons of the event were: TVP Bydgoszcz and “Express Bydgoski”.

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