A trip to Prague

09 May 2018

On the 7th May 2018 up to 9th May 2018 the students from grades G8 and G 10 participated in a trip to Prague. The students went to Prague with Ms Sylwia Jurek and Ms Monika Krajewska. During the trip thr students had an opportunity to sightsee The Charles Bridge, The Golden Line, The Old Square and the Saint Vitus Cathedral. What is more, students could also see Prague by night and walked on of the most beautiful districts of Prague namely Hradcany. Going back home students stopped to sightsee Kutna Hora. They admired there unusual exhibitions of bones and skulls in the Sedlec Ossuary as well as the wonderful interior of the Saint Barbaras Church. All of the students relaxed and with joyful moods came back to Bydgoszcz. They will not forget the great charm of Prague for long.

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