A small hedgehog – harmless like a dog

08 March 2018

Expanding knowledge through contact with nature? Yes, it’s possible!
Students of our junior classes participated in demonstration lessons with an exceptional guest – a hedgehog from the shelter in Solec
The caretakers of this charming animal told about feeding habits of hedgehogs, their living conditions and the dangers that
threaten them. The children had the opportunity to have photos s with a hedgehog. They also eagerly supported the collection of materials necessary to satisfy the hedgehog’s needs and took part in a sweets and souvenirs fair. Thank you!
The visit of the hedgehog at our school was preceded by art competition: “Little hedgehog – harmless like a dog”. The works were so exceptional that the jury made of our guests had a great dilemma, which works to choose.
Finally, the most surprising idea was the cake – “Hedgehog” by Zuzia Zadrożna from class 2b – congratulations!

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